Oh, video games…


This stuff drives me crazy. All the good work being done in the industry, all the great games being produced, innovating in storytelling and technology and game theory… And there is stuff like this.


It strikes me as a weird copy of some East Asian game most likely. This stuff all reeks of a weird mix between the kind of drinking games that start up after dinner and the “racy” tv shows that air after midnight in places like Taiwan and Japan. It’s just odd. Of course, the Wii market is completely to blame. The console has been so successful that the catalogue is flooded with all kinds of dross.


I just want to know one thing: how does this trailer get made? Apart from it being ridiculous, it’s pretty sexist, regardless of whether or not the two dudes take their shirts off at the end (or get spanked…). I don’t know, count me out anyway.

Dragons will always be cool.

I have been pretty pessimistic about Sucker Punch recently. I like Zack Snyder a lot, but Watchmen had a lot of problems, and 300 was just downright silly. Silly, not cool. This whole slow motion thing… yeah Zack, please let the slow motion thing go. This heightened speed followed instantly by slow motion type of shot got old halfway through 300. So, please stop.

I also wasn’t really into Sucker Punch’s thing with girls in miniskirts and guns vibe. Yes, I know it’s empowering and everything, apparently. It just feels like a nerd’s wet dream to me. A male nerd. I suppose at least he didn’t go for an entirely Asian cast or something.

Despite these reservations, I love this new trailer. Dragon, giant samurai with minigun, perfectly chosen song… I think that all trailers should contain each of these elements from now on. Including On Golden Pond 2: The Reckoning. That would be sweet.