I never thought I would say that about another Resident Evil game. Resident Evil 5 was utter garbage. I didn’t even bother with it after a couple of hours. I realized I was just bored and clinging on in desperation. This trailer though… if this game can live up to it at all…

Things I like:

  • It looks like a genuine sequel to Resident Evil 4. Resident Evil 4 was amazing.
  • It takes all the Resident Evil 4 goodness and pumps it back into an urban setting, while deliberately referring to Raccoon City. This is all gold so far.
  • Some cheesy hardbit burnt out mercenary dude (I initially thought might be Wesker) as a playable character, and it looks like his blood is the antidote. He wants money. Money for his blood.
  • There is cheesy looking parcourt stuff going on.
  • Characters walk around woodenly in cut scenes and scream things about vendettas at each other.
  • Leon and Ashley.
  • The president is a zombie, apparently. Probably a dream sequence or some crap, but here’s hoping.
  • It looks NUTS.

Things I do not like, so much:

  • There is cheesy looking parcourt stuff going on.
  • My excitement for this trailer allows me to overlook the blatantly bad cut scenes, but will I still be okay with that when this game actually comes out?
  • The urban setting looks cool but there are still very Japanese-y design tics showing up here. The big example for me is the little example of Chris Redfield pushing aside a photographer. Seconds later, he clearly stops running to do another canned animation on a guy who happens to be in the way. Not very convincing.
  • I loved RE:4. Absolutely loved it. But that game is seven years old now. Hopefully they’ve taken the gameplay on a bit. It looks from this trailer like they have, but I don’t know…
  • Resident Evil 5 was absolute garbage. I’m just worried. What if you need a friend to call over and play as Ashley the entire time just so the game makes sense?

So, yeah… the things that I am excited about already outnumber the things I am worried about, and I had to stretch a little for that short list of negatives. This looks fantastic. I thought I was done with the Resident Evil games, but it seems Capcom still knows how to make a Resident Evil game. That in and of itself is exciting.

Say it with me…. Resident… Evil….


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