Delayed Inspiration

You know, you wouldn’t think it from the regular lengthy, um… sabbaticals that I take from this blog* but I spend a fair amount of time thinking about this blog. Mostly, I spend time wondering what I’ll write about, or I’ll have an idea I want to write about but that I’m sick of by the time I sit down, or I think of writing but guilt prevents me because there’s lots of other writing that I’m supposed to be doing, or readng, or researching or what have you.

*”This blog” is in my mind a continuing blog that has just moved sites a lot from its various incarnations as random outbursts occasionally yelled in blog form. Maybe I’ll unify them all some day. I’m building this up a bit much. There’s no massive back catalogue of blog posts. But still.

The funny thing is, and I feel like I say this far too often, that writing on this blog doesn’t slow my other work down at all. If anything it helps fuel momentum to the point where I’m writing more across the board, or doing more research or at the very least spending more time reading. 

So, I’ve recently been inspired yet again to start writing some more. A nice twitter conversation with @ladonnapietra recently led me down a rabbit hole of reading awesome things, particularly awesome things by the aforementioned @ladonnapietra and also a person named Cleo. Then of course, there’s always the Incredible Hulk. I wonder if he capitalizes the definite article in his name?

I wonder if there’s a band called The Indefinite Article? Or An Indefinite Article? Which would be more clever? I’ll go with neither, on that score.

So anyway, a big block for me with this blog has always been trying to figure out why the heck it even exists, really. There’s the issue that some posts can take a fair bit of time, but that’s never a massive consideration. I tend to blog in pretty fast chunks, five hundred words or so. If I go over a thousand words, something has happened. Usually, I’ve seen a Twilight film. No, the main thing is definitely an overriding sense of “What should I write about and why would anybody care?” Generally, when I ignore this I just write about Rocky films or a trailer I just saw, or whatever. The blog is alive when I write these things, which is considerably more favourable than when the blog is dead. If a blog has as many lives as a typical cat, this blog is the online iteration of some kind of all-powerful witch doctor cat. With a banjo.

The first image that Google supplies when searching for “witch doctor cat banjo” on 19 September, 2012.I’m not sure why, but the concept of a witch doctor cat makes me think of a Gabriel Knight game. We’re talking about witch doctor housecats by the way. Obviously.

So, I read these wonderful things and they get me to thinking about what I would like to write, and how I would like to write. I’m interested in storytelling but I can’t discuss it with half as much authority or be half as interesting as the Hulk. Obviously this is a small blog that nobody reads, but hey. There are any number of blogs out there that do their thing better than whatever this thing is. But then, I’m missing the point of having a blog, aren’t I?

The line between inspiration and outright thievery can be a vague one I suppose, but then I’m not really in danger of stealing anything from anyone. I don’t think I could face it. Whatever reason I’ve persisted with this damn thing would be gone completely.

I wonder if this blog will ever get its act together? When it does, what percentage of posts will be posts talking about trying to get this blog’s act together? If you’re reading this, go ahead and assume it’s all going to improve very quickly.

So, without further ado, posts coming up:


  • Reflections on The Knife of Never Letting Go and a debate on whether to continue with the Chaos Walking trilogy.
  • At least one post on the Rocky films which may or may not include a post loudly praising the talents, charisma and political decisions surrounding Apollo Creed.
  • A post about something to do with the history of China, because I’ve been considering doing an actual history-themed post forever but have never got around to it.


See you guys soon.