I am seriously considering re-reading the Dark Tower series. I had a chat with a friend in the gaming store last week. He teaches English in high school and we were discussing what books he gives his students to read, and soon moved on to our own reading habits. I recounted the tale of my falling in love with the Dark Tower series and how I really should start reading more Stephen King. My friend extolled the virtues of several great King books and particular strengths in King’s writing (developing kids’ perspectives, for one thing). He was extremely convincing. He essentially gave me a reading list of King’s work to get started on, one which I could most certainly check with the person that recommended King to me in the first place and encouraged me to read the Dark Tower books. It’s time to branch out, I thought. Time to read something new.

I walked home fully dedicated to reading the Dark Tower books again.

Alright, so I may have missed the point. I’ve been hankering to read them again for a while now though. It would also give me an excuse to write about them on the blog. Full recaps of each book. I have an idea that this blog will basically spoil things that I’ve just consumed for people who have yet to read/watch/play them. It’s time I started living up to that.

A man with no name called Roland travelling through space and time, odd meta fiction that actually works, moments that creep up on you out of nowhere to remind you that Stephen King is a good horror writer… Yeah. The Dark Tower series. It’s happening.

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