I’ve been mulling over themed days for this blog for ages, largely as an attempt to get myself writing regularly. I’m on a bit of a roll recently and I want to keep it up. The themed idea has thus resurfaced.

Previous themed ideas:

Rocky Week: a week of posts devoted to Rocky films.

Die Hard Tuesday: a post on a Die Hard movie every Tuesday for a month or so.

History Wednesday: History themed posts. This day in history, political ideology in historical context, and the like.

Sports Monday: A post every Monday that talks about an issue in modern sport that would usually be focused on baseball, American football or football.

Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed are excited about themed blog posts.

I don’t hate any of these ideas, though the Die Hard Tuesday concept seems far too specific to survive. Rocky Week could easily happen. The others are definitely workable. I suppose the only thing that has held me back is that whenever I try something like this it has the opposite effect of that which was intended: I write less, not more.

The missing suggestion above was a day out of the week that looked at video games specifically. I like writing about video games and I wish I played them more often. Or at least as often as I used to, when I also complained I would have liked to have been playing more often. The idea would be seriously compromised though by being subject to whatever small amount of playing time I had got in that week. For example, if I had a Video Game Friday the last couple of weeks would have been posts detailing the experiences of Starcraft 2 multiplayer for someone who isn’t any good and doesn’t have much ambition to get better. Thrilling stuff.

It is still a topic I’d like to be writing about though, and something that’s been on my mind. This morning I sat down and saw a clear solution to the issue of neither playing games as much as I’d like or writing about them as much as I’d like. I’m going to pick a genre and spend a few weeks getting through games I’ve been meaning to play (or in some cases play again) but have never given myself the time to do so. I have an initial list to work through. The idea is to get through a game a week and write about it on the Friday or Saturday morning. Here’s my list (with an asterisk beside games I’ve played before):


Blackwell Deception

The Dig

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

Freedom Force vs. the 3rd Reich

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis*

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

King’s Quest Collection*

Lone Survivor

The Longest Journey



To The Moon


Most of the games are adventure games. That’s intentional. I like adventure games. I purchase adventure games. I don’t play adventure games. I always find excuses. This is an attempt to essentially manufacture a reverse excuse. Some of them I hope to complete in a week, but my logic is that as long as I am making significant progress with a game then covering it two weeks in a row won’t exactly be a nightmare. For Terraria, it will very much be a “my week in Terraria” post. I have no intention of playing all the King’s Quest games in one week.

The plan is to finish the games but if something just doesn’t strike me as I hoped that it would, then I’ll write a “why I didn’t like X” post. Though honestly, I hope I don’t have to do that at all. I’ve never been patient with games, at least not in the last decade. I have limited time to play games and so I’ve become quite unforgiving. Hopefully this will change things.

So here we go. The game for my first week is:

The Dig!

I’ve always wanted to play The Dig, as I’ve heard good things about it. It’s also my own personal little tribute to LucasArts. I’m going to be sad about that for a while.

See you next Friday. 

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