Join us for our first podcast: a chat on JJ Abrams and the future of the STAR WARS films, wherein we somehow manage to blame him for STAR TREK V. Significant spoilers on STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS.


2 thoughts on “Episode “Two” – JJ Abrams and Star Wars

  1. Just discovered and listened to 'Episode 2' and just wanted to say 'good job guys'. Nice to hear people handling criticisms and points in a truthful but also respectful manner. In a world that just seems to be filled with people who's opinions are the only correct opinion it is very refreshing. I could sense that there was a bit of nerves with the podcast but I'm almost certain that this is something that will vanish after a few episiodes and it easy to hear that this is a bunch of guys who are gonna end up developing a good rapport with each other but most importantly have a strong love for the topics being discussed – really look forward to seeing this podcast develop – keep up the good work :0)


  2. Hi Guy, thanks a million for the kind comments! We're slowly getting the hang of this I think but getting positive feedback makes a big difference!


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