I’m going to have a go at recording my daily challenge runs on Spelunky and uploading them to YouTube. This doesn’t mean there’s going to be an increase in Cultural Apocalypse “content” per se, but I figure that watching footage of a cartoon man in a pith helmet falling on to spikes and dying while the Irishman controlling him fights the urge to curse is somewhat in line with how our podcast views the overall nature of popular culture today, for good or for ill.

It also feeds into a specific aspect of popular culture that intrigues me (and that I’m sure we’ll discuss on the cast at some point), specifically the consumption of culture. My day is passed… I am by no means a member of the generation that grew up after television had become mostly irrelevant. It’s still jarring to me when I realize, now and again, that I haven’t consulted TV listings in a magazine or newspaper since Clinton was president.  However, I do consume content in the same way that generation does, here and there: typically in my consumption of video game related content. So, I decided, why not have a go?

Spelunky should prove a good fit. I’m awful at video games despite my love for them, but Spelunky is extremely hard so that will level the playing field a bit. I can also just talk about the game while I record. I suppose, in theory, I could try and discuss the dichotomy of having playable characters in pith helmets and turbans, but in reality I’ll probably utter such witty and relevant statements as “I hate bees.”* The truth is that I’m unlikely to complete a full run in the near future, so the pressure isn’t all that intense.

*If you play the game, you’ll get this one. I don’t have much against bees, really, in the real world.

It’s also surprisingly interesting to watch runs by complete strangers and to hear their reactions to a sudden end to the game or a new discovery. This dampens somewhat my fear of producing meaningless content to impress nobody other than myself.

Also, it’s YouTube. As long as I’m not being a racist jerk or indignantly yelling about how feminists are ruining the world, I’m ahead of the curve. So yeah, if you’re looking for counter-feminist Spelunky runs, you should probably look elsewhere.  If you’re a reasonably balanced person that watches YouTube videos when you should probably be working/reading/driving/urban planning/composting or what have you, then see you there.

Cultural Apocalypse YouTube Channel

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