Episode Thirty Three: Talkin’ TV

This week we kick back and relax with no real topic in mind, but end up talking about television quite a bit. Everything from what we’ve been watching to consumer reports (John ends up shilling for Amazon, unintentionally; guys, if you want to sponsor us retroactively that’s fine with me), and odd British television station names. Naturally, we conclude with a discussion of 2001’s truly odd cgi-fest Final Fantasy: Spirits Within.



Episode Thirty Two: You Wanna Get Nuts?

We record the long awaited first installment in our Michael Keaton Series this week, during which we actually talk about our love of America’s Finest Actor for a while after discussing a near-embarrassing social situation concerning Star Trek, The Wolf of Wall Street and John’s arrival at the pinnacle of human achievement. He cleared Spelunky HD! This was probably the best part of this week’s episode, really. (Guess who writes these summaries?)



Episode Thirty One: Nemesis

Game of Thrones books we can’t remember the name of, a good Judge Dredd film we decide not to talk about, Robocop 2 (which we do talk about), and assorted complaints about recent Die Hard movies. All of that before we even get to our topic of the week! We’re talking disappointing movies, and the first in the series is the film that some claim “killed” Star Trek.


The Cultural Apocalypse Episode Thirty: Best of 2014!

We’re back, finally! Happy New Year all, and what a year we have in store. We get together and talk about some of the cultural goliaths trundling our way this year. There is of course plenty of talk about Marvel films, some chatter about video games on the horizon and finally some teasing about the Michael Keaton podcast we’ve been promising for months.