Episode Forty Eight: True Blood, Finally

We talk about the True Blood finale, which involves explaining to John that “true blood” is actually a plot device in the show as well as lots of talk about allegorical treatment of sexuality and diseased vampires. Along the way we chat about the surprising ways in which one of the most competitive video games available suits being a new parent, HBO westerns and the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film.

Episode Forty Seven: From the Silver Age to Space

We get together this week to talk about the excellent Guardians of the Galaxy and all the general evolution of comic book movies. We welcome Peter, a man that has actually read some of the Guardians comics, and us regulars spoof it as usual (though we all saw the film!). Along the way we talk a little bit about Robin Williams’ genius. Rest in peace Robin.

Episode Forty Six: Michael Crichton Wrote and Directed Everything

We talk about our favourite sci-fi novels this week, which of course means a relatively lengthy chat about totalitarianism. Yes, we have it all: post-apocalyptic society, Bob’s support for state-promulgating book burning and dinosaurs. Along the way we chat a little bit about what John is willing to watch when stuck on an airplane for eight hours and Gus talks about more 1970s sci-fi TV shows.