A quick word about reviving blogs:

I hate writing posts like this, but I still write them, compulsively. It’s terrible, making a promise I suspect I won’t keep, for no real concrete reason beyond the numerous times I have broken similar promises. The central argument in favour of such posts is essentially that it creates a precedent that must be sustained, but that’s not why I write these; really, I’m trying to give that boulder a really hard shove, and if I can get the bloody thing to tremble just a little bit I could have it moving in a few days.

I’ve debated with myself what to do about this blog. Its purpose has shifted over the years I’ve maintained it, but as I now sit down and set myself a clear goal of writing more often, I’m happy for this website to become a repository of ideas. I’ll continue to write about popular culture things that interest me, including video games (ostensibly the impetus behind the site), but I will also talk about various other things, from the broad and universal to the particular and personal. I’ll write more short posts, of which this is the first. I’ll fire things down from time to time. I still want to write longer essays now and again. Hopefully people will stop by and they will like it.

I may even write about teaching occasionally. Stranger things have happened. I considered changing the name too, perhaps to reflect a move towards something more personal and more professional at the same time, but if anything the idea that we’re living through (and thriving in) a cultural apocalypse becomes ever more apt.

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