I really like the stories around the Warcraft adventure game that never was, but yet is. It is fascinating, and typical Blizzard: the truth is they could probably have got this game to work, and would likely still do so now, but chose not to because it was good but not good enough. That’s their secret, I think. I assume this is why I keep playing Heroes of the Storm, and why I do not dare purchase Overwatch in case I have to give up playing other games. And reading.

Mostly I like the idea of adventure games in game universes that traffic mostly in other genres. Bob and I have been talking on the History Respawned Podcast recently about Telltale games and as our conversations have continued after the recording stops, I’ve been increasingly thinking about how recent adventure games have both revived and changed that genre. There’s a lot to be said for some good old fashioned pointing and clicking from an age before timed dialogue trees, though I must say, if I ever do go back and do a King’s Quest playthrough as I’ve been threatening for years I will shamelessly cheat. Some would say that detracts from the experience and essentially proves the point that the games themselves have problems.

I don’t mind the checking of wikis and the like though. During my summer discovery that I do, in fact, adore the Dark Souls games a lot of my enjoyment came from trawling wikis and reddit posts and other Ogham stones of the online Dark Souls community. This is how I discovered I could basically sprint through an area I would visit hours later to grab armor that made the early game a lot friendlier, and I spent quite a lot of time comparing possible upgrade paths of different weapons. In essence, I needed the online community to show me that Dark Souls is a role-playing game with extremely well-tuned action and not a janky action game designed to make me angry and upset.

So maybe I will finally deliver on my threat to go back and play King’s Quest games, or maybe I’ll boot up Kentucky Route Zero and stop being such a baby about the inevitability that I end up excited for a fifth episode that doesn’t yet exist. We’ll see.

So yeah, I like this stuff about Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans, and just how goofy it is and how much of a time capsule it presents. It’s odd to me that today’s high school students probably think Halo 2 is a weird old game. Also, it had Clancy Brown in it, and he should be in everything.

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