Yesterday I spent an entire day in conference panel discussions focused on archival research and digital methods seeking to contextualize the relationship between both, with a wide range of discussions flowing out from that basic point. Presenters discussed moral challenges and obligations facing archivists, shared their own experiences in seeking to incorporate digital methods into their work, sought advice and help from peers on how to further progress their work as archivists while also including students and faculty… there was a lot going on, and this was just a pre-conference.

I attended, alongside three colleagues from Centre College, the Digital Library Federation Liberal Arts Colleges Pre-Conference, mercifully abbreviated to dlfLAC. It was a great day and I have a lot to think about, but I will need time to digest it, as my PhD advisor used to say. I very much want to share the thoughts that such digestion produces here, and so there will be some more dlfLAC content coming out this week. I am going to start by sharing my notes. If you would like to see all of my dlfLAC posts in one place, either click on the “dlfLAC” tag below or search for “dlfLAC” above.

A couple of quick notes about those notes: I am going to try and publish my OneNote notes directly to the blog. It may go well, it may… not. Even if we get away with this from a formatting point of view, my note-taking style is not the most immediately intelligible, functioning mostly as a complex hybrid of mnemonic and (when I use handwriting) hieroglyphics. You can find the schedule here. I am sharing notes on the following talks:

“Looking Backwards and Forwards: Key Findings from CLIR’s Assessment of NITLE”

“How to Be a “Mad Archivist”: Digital Project Labs, FOSS Tools, Radical Collections, and the Value of Creative R&D.”

“Grinnell In China : Bringing Undergraduates to Archival Research”

“An Integrated Model for Support for Digital Scholarship: Building Capacity among Faculty, Students and Staff”

“Planning to Share: Open Educational Resources for Small Liberal Arts Colleges”

“Closing plenary: “How (And Why) Did They Make That?””

Hopefully you can bear with me and get some use of it. As always, feel free to get in touch either via email or on twitter.

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