Session Map

  • Overview & Introductions
  • Archiving Campus Controversies & Student Criticism on the Web
  • Digital Humanities as Community Engagement in the Digital Watts Project
  • Voices of Industrial America: A Distance Digital Liberal Arts Seminar
  • Journal of Tolkien Research: An OA Peer-Reviewed Journal on Digital Commons
  • Facilitated Discussion
  • Open Q&A

Ten minute talks.

Archiving Campus Controversies

Historical records librarians create cannot be neutral

Time can heal, issues can be quaint

  • Not always… he shares the 1988 incident that basically led to Greek organizations being kicked off campus

They archived YikYak! He mentions “Sombrero Girl”

  • The “bathroom wall of the cellphone”, YikYak

Wallace’s discussion of how to handle the seniors’ “crush lists” and privacy

  • Who has a right to be forgotten, who decides?

Importance of being bold in the face of institutional resistance

Share it when the time is right and not be timid

  • Uses Feminist Action at Middlebury twitter account

The Digital Watts

Melanie Hubbard from Loyola Marymount University

Some interesting stuff; project helped get library started on digitizing its material

Argues project shows us how information science and humanities are good/natural together

  • I would agree

Raises the point that neither she nor the faculty member are historians… (Dermot Ryan is an Assoc. English prof)

Metadata creation process the greatest challenge faced

  • Repeats issues mentioned earlier
    • Library didn’t want it too academic, wanted to make sure the information reached the Southern Los Angeles community

Issue of terminology

  • Watts Riots/Watts Uprising/Watts Rebellion/Watts Revolt
    • In the end, source content drives label in individual cases, they went with Watts 1965 as the collection title

Fascinating. I wonder about money, frankly.

Voices of Industrial America

He shares the website with us and ALREADY it is clear to me this is something different. It looks built up from the start as an online course. It’s not the same as just replicating online courses.

They built this through COPLAC (Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges)

COPLAC and Digital Liberal Arts Seminars

  • Team-taught, multi-campus, undergraduate digital liberal arts seminars
  • Funded through Teagle
  • Two sections of Century America in spring of 2014-2015
    • Second iteration created 3 courses in 2016
  • Mellon gave them 550k to teach 12 new courses in 2017-2019

Diverse group of faculty, lots of different backgrounds (started with history, grew)

Chose 1870-1914 as a time frame because they wanted to avoid WWI, WWII

Teachers in separate locations, students in multiple locations far away (from Massachusetts to Florida)


  • Archival/primary source research
  • Technical skills
  • Metadata
  • Digital curation
  • Public presentation
  • Critical thinking

They’re not really talking about how this actually works….

She is going through their workflow

  • Clearly identified deliverables, timelines

Metadata, blog posts by students reflecting on metadata

Digital Liberal Arts at a Distance

  • Project contracts to develop understanding
  • Synchronous communication
  • Historical context
  • Technology and skill building

“I think we were able to develop chemistry”

  • They had six students


Tolkien Journal

Brad Eden, Dean of Library Services at Valparaiso

  • He speaks today as a Full Professor
  • Has a PhD in Musicology; also holds degree in Library Services

Currently 50-75 well known Tolkien scholars worldwide, and many popular enthusiasts

  • There are “only” a few journals
  • Tolkien Studies, which is expensive
    • A problem as many scholars work outside the traditional academic landscape
  • He was approached by Catholic University Press to chair a new journal

He really likes the tools (correcting misspellings after publication, viewership stats and so on)

  • So basically…. A blog! This is very cool.

He can publish as soon as he’s done with the review process…

  • He doesn’t wait for issues
    • No six month waits… (hey, it gets worse than that!)
    • Multimedia is not a hindrance; photo and video can be included

Journal is now in its third year…

He recommends the Digital Commons system… strongly

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