First Day of 3D Printing

I started working with a 3D printer for the first time today. Developing specific classroom uses is the long(er) term goal, but today was focused on getting the hang of the basics.

The basics included a lot of pretty mundane stuff, mostly focused on getting files from the computer to the printer, managing settings, and getting the print off the bed. That last task requires a utility knife, which I had in my office. So pro tip fellow historians: always have a utility knife on hand.

Over the next few days as time allows I want to start experimenting with Smithsonian 3D images. Looking forward to seeing where that goes, beyond life masks of Abraham Lincoln.

Teaching and Technology

I could have named this post “Teaching and Technology, part 82.” Or part 1. In theory this site is coming back as part of a more concerted attempt by me (can one person’s efforts be “concerted”?) to write about technology in my teaching more.

There are a couple of things to get started on this week:

  • Two short episodes for History Respawned. Bob and I have been discussing moving to frequent short episodes and my workload has been interrupting my production for a while now. I look forward to writing on the process a bit more as I work on them this week.
  • I am beginning prototyping on a small 3D Printer. More of this soon, but for now I am looking at possibilities in a college history class. So far this has amounted to… learning a bunch about Fusion 360.

Updates forthcoming!

Return of the Blog

I have been blogging for many years and I have written far, far too many of these posts. I am back. Again.

I have genuine excuses this time! Young children and work. But still. I’m moving things around a little. I will continue to keep this as a personal site, but I am hoping to keep talking about video games and education, particularly as those ideas inform my own teaching and research. Expect posts soon on making videos for History Respawned and on experiments with 3D Printing. I am excited.