Episode Fifty Eight: Super Mario Bros. (1993)

We take on Super Mario Bros., not exactly a classic and frequently disavowed by almost everyone involved with it… so perhaps it’s ripe for a re-examination? Not quite. Mostly we wonder at the extraordinary poor fortune of trying and failing to make a video game adaptation both child-friendly and edgy, deciding to release a dinosaur-themed movie in 1993, and Bob Hoskin’s accent.

Episode Fifty Seven: Masters of the Universe (1987)

We talk about that classic from our youths, Masters of the Universe, featuring a terrifyingly buff Dolph Lundgren, and admirably motivated Frank Langella, and a lot of apparently confused people doing their best to make something of this thing.

I mentioned two articles from HitFix in this episode, and you can find them here and here. They are worth checking out!

Episode Fifty Six: Cobra (1986)


This week we discuss the mangled cut of Sylvester Stallone’s Cobra, a film that reacts to the crime wave of the 1970s and early 1980s US pretty aggressively. Aviator sunglasses, a toothpick hanging from the lip and a poorly explained violent serial killer: Cobra has it all.

You can find the podcast episode by Movie Geeks United! mentioned in the cast, with Brian Thompson and Ric Waite, here.

A quick note: the gremlins got into our machines this week, and as a result we had some audio problems. I hope it isn’t too distracting; we decided to soldier on!

Episode Fifty Five: Jupiter Ascending (2015)

This week we try to get to the root of Jupiter Ascending; there’s no answer to the riddle of how this film ended up so disappointing perhaps, but we can still talk about how disappointing it turned out to be. Does the film have a future as a cult favorite or is it doomed to go down in history as a huge misstep?

Episode Fifty Three: Starcrash (1979)

We discuss Starcrash this week: is it camp, an unmitigated disaster, or does it alternate between the two? How did they get Christopher Plummer and John Barry to show up for this thing? Why is there a sexist robot with a southern US accent? Oh for the days of Star Wars knock-offs filmed in Italy and full of odd dubbing and questionable miniature models.

You can watch Starcrash yourself here.

Episode Fifty Two: Never Too Young To Die

John Stamos is Never Too Young To Die in an odd film that aspires to be an American Bond Jr. adventure, an aspiration helped by the recruitment of George Lazenby but complicated by the decision to cast Gene Simmons as an evil hermaphrodite.

Watch the film yourself here. If you dare.


Episode Fifty One: Rappin’

We’re back!

Star Trek is great, but Gus and I needed to get back to discussing pop culture more generally. We’re back with a bang, and if you’ve ever wondered what the 1985 film Rappin’ is all about, this is the podcast for you. The film itself was an odd attempt to create a standard musical but with badly written rap, and Mario van Peebles. Join us.

A Temporary Farewell

Some sad news this week. For various reasons, we need to take a break. The podcast will return! Until then, if you fancy it, you can listen to Gus and I talk Star Trek on our new podcast that will run for the next few weeks. Look out for news of that on the site in the near future.

Thanks for listening, especially to those of you that have been listening for a while now. Please don’t delete that feed! We shall return.

Episode Fifty: Favourites

We talk favourites this week in episode fifty, and somehow don’t go near Star Trek. John talks Radiohead, Bob chats about some of the greatest novels ever written and Gus talks about News Radio being underrated. Also featuring zombie babies and two tired academics chatting about Justified and Sons of Anarchy.